Avoid black mould, service your heat pump

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Yay, winter is coming to an end! You’ve been smashing your heat pump over winter, but if you haven’t serviced your heat pump lately, chances are you could be breathing in somewhat questionable air. Now that we’re going from heating to cooling, it’s the perfect time to get your heat pump serviced.

If you live near the coast, then your heat pump should be serviced every six months – to ensure that the unit isn’t rusting out from the saltwater air. Further in, every twelve months is recommended.

When No Shock services heat pumps, there are a few things we look for.

  1. In Spring, there’s a lot of new growth, best to check the outdoor unit for any obstructions. Weeds, soil, vines, leaves, etc. We found one recently that had a passionfruit vine growing all over it.
  2. Check that the drainpipe in the indoor until hasn’t clogged up with mould. Black mould is the worst, condensation drips out through the drainpipe, and this is where it can grow. We use a cleaning solution to ensure it’s free of growth.

Moulds produce allergens, irritants, and sometimes toxic substances. Inhaling mould spores can cause allergic reactions – sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, skin rash, etc. Black toxic mould known as Stachybotrys Chartarum (which is also sometimes dark green), is highly toxic and can trigger asthmas symptoms

  1. Filters need to be cleared of internal dust and debris – there’s no point in changing them unless they’re damaged, they can be hosed down. Remember that a heat pump is not a purifier, it just recirculates the indoor air, cooling it or heating it.
  2. If the heat pump has been installed correctly, there won’t be a need to top up the refrigerant gas. However, sometimes vibrations can cause disconnections or kinks where the gas can leak. We test for this and top it up if necessary.

When your heat pump is not running efficiently, it will use more energy – the cost of which will show on your electricity bill.

At No Shock, we can book you in for regular heat pump servicing so that it doesn’t get forgotten. It will ensure the heat pump is clean and efficient.

In the photos, you can see Stephen, who has been with No Shock for about six months. He has years of experience in the field with an electrical background and is working on his skill certification for air conditioning and refrigeration. (The boss said that he was hired because of his smile).

Stephen came to No Shock because he wants to advance his career in the electrical industry. The company he used to work for mucked him around, which meant he couldn’t achieve the skills he wanted. He is aiming for a dual trade and to be a project manager, and at No Shock he feels like he is building towards that future, learning something new every single week. To book your heat pump service, get in touch with No Shock.

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