In the heart of Auckland City at 94-96 Queen Street you’ll find a stunning re-design of a significant Heritage Queen Street Building. The three-storey unreinforced masonry building was constructed at the turn of the 19th century and was well overdue for restoration, including a complete rewire by No Shock Electrical.

Serious seismic upgrade needed

The building had several challenges, which significantly impacted its useability in a modern world. Given the age of the building and that it was built on reclaimed land more than a century ago, a serious seismic upgrade was needed, with extensive foundation work required.

The seismic upgrade and fit-out was conducted with such care that externally there are no visible traces of the building having been seismically upgraded (this work picked up a Merit Award, Hawkins Heritage and Adaptive Reuses Property Award, 2018 Property Industry Award).

A modern mixed space

The focus of the project was to ensure the heritage characteristics of the building were retained, while transforming it into a modern mixed-use space that would ensure financial viability for the building owner.

No Shock completed all electrical work

The building features two floors of open plan commercial space and two floors of apartments, and No Shock Electrical was contacted for all electrical work. “A building of this age comes with many surprises and challenges,” explains Shamus of No Shock Electrical. “We had to do a complete redesign of the main switchboard because the existing one was not up to purpose.”

Stylish contemporary lighting

“Plus, the original lighting specified in the plan was over the client’s budget, so we worked with them to develop a solution. The result is stunning contemporary lighting in a dramatic environment of exposed brick, concrete and steel. It’s amazing”.

As an indication of the building’s importance to the city, it has a Heritage Rating of Category B and is part of Auckland City’s Heritage Walk.



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