Thermal Imaging

It is recommended to do a thermal imaging test once a year on switchboards. During the inspection, we measure the temperature and condition of your electrical system.
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What Is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging is increasingly used by business to reduce commercial insurance premiums. Not only can thermal imaging lower insurance, business can also prevent breakdown and minimise production downtime. Thermal imaging survey of switchboards provides the business with an important tool to establish a low risk environment and effective fire reduction strategies. Insurance companies are progressively including thermal imaging as an essential requirement for commercial premises fire risk assessment.

Its Benefits

This inspection not only reduces the risk of a serious electrical incident, but also helps improve system performance. Excess heat in electrical systems is a serious warning sign, and detecting these issues before they become problems is only possible with a thermal camera.

Thermal imaging not only saves down time and loss of production but money due to the ability to detect a potential catastrophic system failure. Electrical thermography identifies electrical issues that are unlikely to be detected during fixed wire testing and inspections.

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      How We Carry Out Thermal Imaging

      Periodic Fixed Wire Testing is carried out to ensure that safety devices such as earth protection, fuses and circuit breakers operate as required under short circuit and fault load conditions. These devices provide no protection against the risks associated with poor connections.

      Thermal Imaging should be carried out following fixed wire testing to ensure poor connections have not been introduced during the Fixed Wire testing activity

      This form of testing is non-invasive and can be done round to suit your needs and most importantly this is done live so no need for down time.

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