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by | Mar 26, 2024 | Residential electrician

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In recent years, LED lighting has been increasingly popular in homes and businesses across New Zealand. Due to their many advantages, these highly efficient, long-lasting bulbs are replacing traditional incandescent and harsh fluorescent lights.

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LED stands for light-emitting diode. LEDs produce light when electrons move through a semiconductor material and emit photons. This solid-state lighting technology fundamentally differs from older types that rely on heating a filament or gas.

The biggest benefit of LED lights is their energy efficiency. LED bulbs use only about 20-25% of the electricity that incandescent bulbs require to produce the same amount of light, enabling New Zealand households and businesses to save huge amounts on power bills.

LEDs also have an incredibly long lifespan compared to other bulb types. Quality LED bulbs can last over 20 years with normal household use. This longevity makes up for LEDs’ higher upfront cost versus incandescent or CFLs that burn out quickly. LED lighting produces less heat than other bulbs and does not contain toxic mercury vapours like compact fluorescents. They also turn on instantly with full brightness, unlike fluorescents, which take time to warm up.

The massive energy and cost savings alone make upgrading your home or business worthwhile. However, LEDs also create a better quality of light, avoid toxic materials, and last for decades instead of burning out every year or two. With prices falling rapidly, upgrading to LED is a smart long-term investment that pays off through lower utility bills and reduced maintenance costs over time.

Philips reports that LED sales grew over 300% in 2017 alone as prices fell an average of 85% since 2012. Residential LED use is expected to reach over 90% of New Zealand households by 2030.

Businesses have also embraced LED lighting for its energy and maintenance cost savings. With LED retrofits, building operators can reduce lighting energy use by 50-90%. Retailers appreciate LEDs’ superior colour rendering that shows merchandise in a vivid, appealing way. Industrial facilities benefit from LEDs’ durability, cool operation, and adjustable brightness features.

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A store in central Auckland had been operating successfully for over twenty years and the owner had always kept a close eye on his operating costs. When his old fluorescent lighting system started having issues, he knew it was time for an upgrade.

After reviewing his options, he retrofitted his entire store with new LED lighting fixtures and bulbs. Although the upfront cost was higher than replacing the fluorescents, the LED upgrade promised long-term energy and maintenance savings, making it worthwhile.

The installation went smoothly, and he immediately noticed the difference as soon as the new lights were powered on. The bright, crisp LED lighting made all the product displays and shelf merchandise look more vivid and appealing.

“It was like someone removed a dingy layer covering everything in the store. The colours just popped in a way the old fluorescents could never match.”

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Over the next few weeks, John and his staff appreciated the LED lights in other ways; they eliminated dark spots in the store, they turned on instantly instead of that annoying fluorescent flicker, but best of all, the store felt noticeably cooler without so much heat output from the lighting.

However, the biggest benefit became clear when the first electricity bill arrived after the LED retrofit. His power consumption had dropped by almost 65% compared to the same period a year ago. He calculated that at this rate, the LED lighting installation would completely pay for itself through energy savings in just over 2 years.

In the years since that retrofit, they have continued to reap the rewards. Eliminating constant fluorescent tube replacements also saved a bundle on maintenance costs. His LED lighting has performed brilliantly, with barely any fixtures failing, even after five years of continuous operation.

“Upgrading to LED lighting was one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. It immediately improved the environment, saved me a ton of money, and has been basically maintenance-free. I wish I had done it sooner!”

With so many benefits, LED lighting is quickly taking over New Zealand. This efficient, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly lighting will continue to lead Kiwi homes and businesses in the years ahead. Give us a call at No Shock, and we will give you a quote to upgrade to LED lighting.

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