Chambers & Station

Installation of lighting, power points and mains power

Our Electrical Work for Chambers & Station

The heritage listed building presented it’s fair share of challenges for the electrical team, with certain crucial areas off limits for the installation of services. It was a matter of trying to arrange what the customer had in his head into the actual building itself.

No Shock Electrical has worked on heritage listed buildings before, but this is the first project for the company where a commercial premises has been turned into a residential building. And a high end residential building at that.

The job included a high media systems component, with lighting in the two penthouse apartments being controlled by lighting automation systems.

These had to be modified during their installation when a test showed some lights were not doing what they were meant to. No Shock Electrical worked with the systems programmers to find its faults, then came up with a new design and found new controllers which would work with that design.

This job was a great learning experience for No Shock Electrical as it changed so much from start to finish. The team is proud of what they achieved at the Chambers & Station building.

You can read full write-ups regarding this project at the following link: Electrical Challenges Solutions.

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Installation of lighting, power points and mains power for the high end heritage listed Chambers & Station apartment development.

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