Newmarket Primary School

The largest multi-storey style of classroom in New Zealand

Largest in the Country

“This is the largest multi-storey style of classroom in the country,” says Shamus O’Donnell of No Shock Electrical. “It’s an incredible building. There are 12 new classrooms, a new school hall/gymnasium, staffroom, music room, whanau room, plus a media room, tech room, art room, bathrooms… and it just keeps going.”

Form Building & Developments was the lead contractor on the project. Project manager John Lewis says it has had its challenges due to the tight site and building design challenges to bring the design up to changes in the building code, which occurred after the initial design phase. Interestingly, the building has been future-proofed to allow for an additional two storeys to be added as the school role demands. To accommodate this, piling was driven an incredible 20 metres into the ground.

Electrical Challenges and Solutions

New mains switchboard runs the whole school

Working with the Ministry of Education means everything must be precise and as per the plans. “A new mains switchboard that would run the whole school had to be installed, with the old one decommissioned,” adds Shamus. “We had to work with the school to minimise disruption to teaching, and then work with them after completion for four months to refine all the systems, making sure everything was operating as the Principal, teachers and students require”.

Challenging custom lighting for school hall

“One unique challenge for No Shock was the installation of a custom-designed lighting dimming system in the hall and gym area. This area needs to be well-lit for school assemblies and other occasions, with the ability to effectively dim the lighting for stage shows. It’s a great system”.

Project’s Gallery

New Zealand’s first four-story building at a state primary school has been completed. The new block at Newmarket Primary School complements the existing buildings with 12 additional classrooms. No Shock Electrical was contracted to complete the electrical on the project, and had three electricians onsite for six months, with two or three others as required.

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