Are you a residential builder? Let's collaborate.

Through our customisable services, our team will work alongside you to deliver results unique to your project without the stress of delays.

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Why Choose No Shock?

Tailor-made solutions

We understand that every building project requires its own, tailor-made electrical layout solution. Our team of experienced electricians will work closely with you from start to finish. Starting with developing a comprehensive layout that works with the architectural design to achieving excellent results, you can be sure your project is in good hands every step of the way.

We nurture long-lasting relationships with builders

The team at No Shock Electrical understands that the driving force behind a successful build is the strength of team relationships. We work hard to build long-lasting relationships with all our residential builders. Our team will work with you collaboratively to deliver excellent results.

Design and Build

No build is the same. That’s why our Design and Build service is created based on your project’s unique requirements. We take into account the architectural design plans to create a comprehensive electrical layout. By working cohesively with design plans, you can avoid costly variations.

With an easy-to-read, tailor-made layout set in place, you will be able to provide better quoting and complete clarity to your client.

    Let Us Fill The Gap

    In any big project, gaps form, and critical steps aren’t taken. This can cause costly delays and could eventually lead to the total derailment of timelines. It’s important to align your build with teams who have the capacity to deliver successful results. Having an experienced team on your side will significantly reduce the risk of these gaps forming and keep your project on track.

    The team at No Shock Electrical will work alongside you and your contractors and make sure that all the gaps in your project are filled.

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